History and Mission

The Bare Cycling Club was founded in 2011, right after research showed 7 out of 10 people prefer to cycle with ‘as little clothes as possible’.

Research also showed that in spite of the desire to dress down, 8 out of 10 cyclists actually ‘gear up’; with spandex trousers, fleece sweaters, or high visibility vests.

The geared up cyclists indicate they don’t like the ‘sweatiness’, ‘bulkiness’ or ‘clothing style’ that comes with their gear, and that they would omit it if they could. However, they feel they can’t, for social and safety reasons. And that is why the Bare Cycling Club has taken up the Mission to bring back the bare essence of cycling: simple bikes, with simple clothes.

To promote its Mission, the Bare Cycling Club organises the following activities:

-          Quarterly ‘Bare Cycle’ with all Bare Cycling Members

-          Annual Bare Cycling Event in Summer

-          Bicycle workshops; aimed at tuning your bike by removing excess parts

-          And much more!