The Bare Cycling Club is an independent association that strives to promote urban cycling – in its purest form. We are based in Dublin City Centre, but we have global aspirations. We believe urban people in urban dress on urban bikes are the main contributor to a sustainable cycling culture.

We are not declaring a war on cycling gear. Spandex, lycra or gore-tex all have their proper use, and we realise cycling the Wicklow 200 would be uncomfortable in jeans.

We just prefer to wear cotton, wool or silk when we’re in the city. And we prefer to wear as little of it as possible; to bike as bare as we can.

Bare Cycling: Cycling with Bare Feet

Interested? Become a member now, by contacting us via our online registration form.

You don’t have to be a member to join our Bare Cycling cause. You can also help us out by sending us your Bare Cycling material (foto’s, films, drawings – anything) so that we can post it to our Blog.